VW, Audi Super Bowl Ads Kinda Lame


Is it really too much to ask to be entertained by the ad industry just once a year? How hard could that be? Oh wait, yea, we get it. It’s never easy. For the most part, creative success is a crap shoot. Part luck, part skill and part USA TOday Ad Meter, creating a killer Super Bowl commercial is hard work.

That said, we just aren’t wowed by VW and Audi who have released commercial prior to the Super Bowl, In the VW ad, we get a guy from the midwest going all reggae because, well, VWs make people “get happy.”

In the Audi ad, we see a down and out guy heading to the prom alone. His dad hands him the keys to the Audi which magically grows him a set of balls so he can walk up to the prom queen and kiss her. The kids actions aren’t without consequence but he does get the girl to pine for him a bit.

The two ads fall a bit flat. They’re not bad. But they aren’t The Force.

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