Urban Outfitters T-Shirts Glorify Drinking


Urban Outfitters, as they have for years, is once again pushing buttons. This time it’s moms who aren’t too happy the clothing brand is out with a line of t-shirts that, it would seem, advocates drinking.

Four new t-shirts read, “USA Drinking Team,” “Vote for Vodka,” “Misery Loves Alcohol” ands one with blurry letters that read “I Drink You’re Cute.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Jan Withers told the New York Times, “As a mother, these shirts are not acceptable for children under the age of 21. If they’re targeting that audience, then they’re sending the message that it’s cool to drink. We know of the dangers of underage drinking and the fact that it’s just downright illegal.”

With Urban Outfitters customer base mostly 18-24, much of this outrage may be warranted. Is this just harmless fun or does Urban Outfitters need a good spanking?

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