‘The Roominator’ Saves Man’s Job And Marriage


In perhaps, one of the most ingenious uses of a fake product to sell a real product, Portal A is out with The Roominator, a fake video conferencing product used to sell a real video conferencing solution from Blue Jeans Network.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj plays the role of an office worker whose boss is threatening to fire him if he doesn’t close a deal on a video conference call. To make matters more stressful, Minhaj’s character receives a call from his wife who is in labor.

Minhaj, faced with either losing his job or losing his wife, gets very creative and comes up with The Roominator, a device that allows him to appear to be in his office closing the deal while, in fact, he’s running his ass off down the street so he can be there for his wife to give birth.

While a bit longer than it needs to be, the video is quite hilarious. And you’ve got to love the ending.

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