New Cosmopolitan Spot Delivers Seizure of Hipsterific Intensity


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is out with the third rendition of its much-lauded, Fallon-created “Just the right amount of wrong” work that continues to position the luxury property as anything but normal.

Last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody redux and 2011′s original hinted at all manner of mischievously illicit behavior occurring inside the property and positioned the hotel as an adventure rather than a bed on which to sleep.

The work, particularly the Bohemiam Rhapsody commercial, was a masterstroke of genius which separated the hotel from all others in Sin City and touted the destination as a place for fun and frivolity like no other.

Of this latest work, Cosmopolitan CMO Lisa Marchese tells AdWeek, “We wanted to create a spot that was radically different in form–the mix of typography to imagery, the way the imagery was shot. The tone is radically different. We wanted it to look like nothing else out there.”

The spot is, indeed, radically different. With it’s quick cut phrases such as “Mutation is progress”, Correct is mistake” and Misfit right in,” the work adheres to the original’s mystique but lacks the pompously witty demeanor of the second.

Though for a brand aiming for grandiose, hipsterific magnificence, the work delivers.

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