Dell Helps Business Achieve Great Outcomes


I had a Dell. It served me well for six years. An Inspiron laptop. But now I have an Apple MacBook Pro. Love it. Doesn’t mean I don’t like Dell but I do like the MacBook better. None of which really matters but all of this popped into my head when viewing Dell’s new Dell Outcomes commercial created by Y&R and produced by B-Reel.

The ad focuses on the far reaching influence Dell products can and do have on people’s lives. From the entrepreneur who uses it to develop a new product to the ability to make 70,000 financial trades every second to serving individual’s needs to helping doctors battle cancer.

I think it does a nice job conveying the fact technology does play an important and key role in what humans can and do achieve. Surely Dell isn’t the only technology platform that can achieve this but they are a big one and a pervasive one and one that has inevitably made a difference.

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