AMC’s The Pitch Returns to Further Embarrass Ad Biz


While we are loathe to even mention the fact AMC’s The Pitch will be back for a second season of foolishness, we also know that your desire for schadenfruede outweighs your desire to take the higher moral ground.

And so, tune in August 15 at 10pm to watch 16 agencies duke it out for the likes of 1-800-Flowers, Fuller Brush Company (still in business???), Gibson Guitar and, yes, College Hunks Hauling Junk.

Agencies to be featured in season two include Daniel Burton Dean (Nashville, TN), Fletcher Rowley (Nashville, TN), Powell Creative (Nashville, TN), breensmith Advertising (Atlanta, GA), Innerspin (Los Angeles, CA), MC2 (Los Angeles, CA), COR (Santa Monica, CA), Neuron Syndicate (Santa Monica, CA), Central Coast (Chicago, IL), Commonground (Chicago, IL), The Monogram Group (Chicago, IL), Bee-line Communications (Chicago, IL), Mischievous Studios (Hollywood, CA), Heavenspot (Glendale, CA), OneX (Culver City, CA) and Pasadena Advertising (Pasadena, CA).

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